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I dunno how much there is to tell?? My mental illnesses have been making a lot of stuff hard lately, and talking about myself positively is one of those things. Before I start, might as well say that I'm asexual (autochoris if you wanna be specific), panromantic leaning heavily towards non-male people, and gender-fluid. I love art and video games, planning on going into animation or possibly video game design. RT makes me really happy and has helped me tremendously, and their show Red vs Blue is my favorite legitimate show. I don't really watch much else, I get bored/distracted easily. I'm planning on starting other shows, but for now, yeah.. Anyways, I love examining the way things work, such as bodies, and then trying to draw them (though the results are sometimes frustrating). I'm not very good with digital art, and I can recognize that my poses are a bit lacking. I focus a lot on characterization, so I like to write and get my thoughts about characters out so that I can develop them better. I drink a lot of Pepsi and am picky about what kinds of food I eat. I take my 3DS and sketchpad with me everywhere, and I usually carry my phone with me as well. I volunteer at my local library, take piano lessons, and take tap lessons (I quit ballet and jazz because, although I love dancing that way, they were getting way too stressful). I'm forgetful and procrastinate a lot. Though, I've noticed that I have a really good memory about random things, mainly things that I don't HAVE to know. My anxiety has gotten pretty bad lately, mainly my social anxiety. I rant on tumblr when I'm panicking or having a dissociative episode or just feel awful. I don't really have any friends, they've kind of.. Left me for other people. I'm gonna stop rambling now, so uh. Yeah. Don't know what else to put here?
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